15 million small businesses still use pen and paper processes to handle their expense reporting.

This is a major pain point for employees and managers alike, delaying reimbursements and increasing paperwork.


The first white label expense reporting solution that banks and credit unions can provide to their customers, directly within their online banking.

Lightweight & Intuitive

Obloco Expense Reporting is tailor made for small businesses, providing simple expense reporting without unnecessary features.


No Core Integration

Easily deploy Obloco Expense Reporting directly within your online banking with as little as a few lines of code.

White Label and FI-Branded

Enhance your FI’s business banking offering and strengthen your brand as an innovative partner to your business banking customers.

White Paper: The Market Financial Institutions Could Be Serving

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Solve your customer’s everyday problems with intuitive technology.  Re-engage your customers and innovate beyond your competitors with Obloco Receipt Capture.

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