68% of small businesses said they’d switch banks or open a second account for an expense reporting solution available within their online banking.

Based on a survey of businesses generating up to $30M in yearly revenue, conducted by Obloco.



The first white label expense reporting solution that banks can provide to their SMB customers as an expansion to their treasury management services, directly within their online banking.

  • Quick Receipt Capture

  • Simple Report Creation

  • Automated Mileage Tracking

  • Multi-Level Approval

15 Million Small Businesses
still use manual processes for expense reporting, including pen and paper, spreadsheets, and other time consuming methods.

This is a headache for the employees who have to submit expense reports and the managers who have to approve them. Aside from headaches, manual expense reporting actually costs businesses a significant amount of money. 

An industry survey revealed that manual expense reports cost $20 more per report than digital expense reporting.

 These businesses need a better way to handle their expense reporting, and they want their bank to help them.

According to a recent study of businesses by Obloco, 77% would prefer to have expense reporting integrated within their online banking over their current method.

As simple to deploy as it is to use.

  • 1

    Lightweight & Intuitive

    Obloco Expense Reporting is tailor made for small businesses, providing simple yet powerful expense reporting without unnecessary features.

  • 2

    No Core Integration

    Easily deploy Obloco Expense Reporting directly within your online banking with as little as a few lines of code.

  • White Label and Bank Branded

    Enhance your commercial banking offering and strengthen your brand as an innovative partner to your business banking customers.


Bank Benefits

Big banks like Wells Fargo are already offering expense reporting solutions for their commercial customers, with others soon to follow. Obloco enables community and regional banks to compete with the giants, and their local competition, with an easy-to-deploy white label expense reporting solution. Just like BillPay and remote deposit capture before it, expense reporting tools are sure to be the next standard banking feature.

Account Acquisition

Leverage your competitive edge and gain new commercial customers with Obloco Expense Reporting.

Account Retention

Enhance your business offering by maintaining a persistent record of expenses for your commercial customers.

Want to see Obloco In Action?

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The Market Finical Institutions Could Be Serving

68% of small businesses said they’d switch financial institutions or open a second account for an expense reporting solution within their online banking.


Within every problem lies an opportunity.

Banks have the opportunity to solve their business customer’s problems, and in turn increase customer acquisition and retention. Set yourself apart from the competition, innovate beyond your peers.

Drop us a line and we’ll give you a live demo of Obloco Expense Reporting.


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